Sandscapes – Playa Troncones

Nearly every winter, Ruth Anne and I take a three week hiatus from Wisconsin’s winter bite and vacation in Mexico. Over the years, Zihautanejo and Troncones have been our usual target destinations.

While we stay in the small village of Troncones (pop. 600ish), much of our time is spent on and near the beach (playa). The sand on the main beach is composed of several distinctly different types of sand. The individual sand granules, particularly the black lava pumice, settle at different rates with interesting, often dramatic, effects. The waves and tides play a collaborative role in artistically shaping and arranging the sand grains in an endless offering of stunning patterns. Each day the ocean rearranges the beach and presents a new artwork to gaze and walk upon. I hope you enjoy some of these variations in Nature’s ever-changing artistry.

~ John