The People’s Republic of China

How do you briefly describe a country which is close to the size of the US and three times as populous? Ruth Anne and I joined another couple this April in a three-week whirlwind tour of China in an attempt to learn how. HA!...actually, three months wouldn’t have been long enough either.

China has so many things about it that are so different from the western cultures it needs to be experienced in-person because words can’t begin to capture it. But that didn’t stop me from attempting it with my camera.

I’ve selected 40ish images to show you here that capture a few of the differences we observed throughout our tour. The first image is a map our travel which illustrates the routes for our three in-country flights, two boat trips, a bullet train and sleeper train.

After our return to the US, it took several weeks to “digest” and “process” the total trip and develop a more complete perspective from the sights and our experiences in the People’s Republic of China.

~ John